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M-09-2 30 疫苗瓶_沧州维康食品药品包装有限公司

M-09-2 30 疫苗瓶 上一篇:M-09-1 30 疫苗瓶 下一篇:M-09-3 30 疫苗瓶 随时欢迎您与我们详细沟通 我要咨询+ 塑料勺 了解详情+ Y-32-4 680ml 了解详情+ Y-32-3 500ml 了解详情+

Cangzhou Weikang Food and Drug Packaging Co.,Ltd.

存续 CHINA • 沧州市
Registered Capital 158万人民币 Incorporation Date 2006-08-29
Status 存续 Registered Code 130921000003419
Credit Code 91130921792668892M Organization Code 792668892
Tax No. 91130921792668892M Company Type 有限责任公司(自然人投资或控股)
Operating Period 2006-08-29至2026-08-28 Industry 橡胶和塑料制品业
Qualification 出口退(免)税企业 Approval date 2020-03-10
Paid-up capital 158万人民币 Staff size 小于50人
Juridical 柴香苓 Insured staff 21
Registered Address 沧县杜生镇李屯 Registration Authority 沧县市场监督管理局
Business Scope 固体,液体,滴眼剂药用塑料瓶制造;技术和货物的进出口业务(依法须经批准的项目,经相关部门批准后方可开展经营活动)**

Cangzhou Weikang Food and Drug Packaging Co., Ltd.

Nature Corporate ICP No. -
Product Quantity 245 Registration Date -
Server Address CHINA Company Name Cangzhou Weikang Food and Drug Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Cangzhou Weikang Food and Drug Packaging Co., Ltd. was founded in August 1986, located in the vast ancient city on the coast of the Bohai Sea, 30 kilometers west of Cangzhou City. Adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, the Cangbao Highway passes by the door, and the traffic is very convenient. In 2001, the first batch of solid and liquid medicine packaging materials and containers registration certificates issued by the State Food and Drug Administration: Sinopharm 20010082, 20020024, 20070679, 20070674.\n????The company covers an area of \u200b\u200b8,600 square meters and has 3 sets of 100,000-level 100,000-level purification workshops with GMP standards, more than 26 sets (sets) of fully automatic injection molding, blow molding, injection blow molding, ethylene oxide sterilization and other technologically advanced production equipment. , Anti-killing equipment, etc., complete testing equipment, product quality is stable, annual production of solid, liquid pharmaceutical plastic bottles hundreds of millions of sets, the products are not only sold throughout the country, some products are exported overseas.\n????Our company will continue to develop new products with the rapid development of high-tech biopharmaceuticals and medical technology, and we can also customize original products according to customer requirements. Carry out after-sales tracking of products, visit regularly, and strive to meet the needs of users with excellent products and perfect, thoughtful and fast transportation services and warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our company, guide, negotiate, cooperate, let us work together to develop, common Progress and create a better tomorrow.
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